OptionRobot Account Types

Binary Options

Depending on the Binary Option Robot software that you have and the broker that you choose to trade with, there are several types of accounts that you can avail for. These account types are usually divided based on the minimum deposit amount that you are willing to invest. For each account, there is a range of amounts that you can deposit in order to avail for a specific account and each one also provides for different benefits and privileges. The higher the amount range that you are willing to invest on, the better and bigger the benefits that you will be receiving.

The most common examples of account types would include a basic or standard account, a gold account, a platinum account and a VIP account. Other software systems and brokers may give more or lesser account options than these but overall, these four types are usually present in most broker accounts. Find more information on the types of accounts that your specific broker offers, you can browse the website of Copy Buffet Software.

For basic or standard accounts the starting minimum deposit can be either $250 or $300 depending on the broker and the maximum can range from $500 up to $2,500. The basic or standard account is the one mostly used for those who are novices in the trading business and those who have lesser starting capital. Despite the fact that this account type offers the least benefits, it is widely popular since the risk of loss is less since the investment is also lesser.

Gold accounts are for those who have accumulated enough trading experience and profit which allows them to level up their game. It is also in these accounts that the broker allows additional bonus benefits to their partner traders aside from the regular Welcome bonus each trader receives upon signing up with them. Brokers also give a higher number of allowable risk free trades in gold accounts compared to standard ones. The amount range for usual gold accounts would start from $2000 to $10,000 or less.

Platinum accounts are usually used for highly experienced individuals and customers who have been trading with the broker for a long period of time. This account gives both the trader and the broker better profits and chances at securing bigger and more secure investments in the market. For such accounts, brokers usually provide for a daily session benefit to platinum account holders which would allow traders to personally discuss their preferences with their brokers which allow them to trade according to what traders want. Platinum accounts range from $10,000 to $50,000.

Lastly, there is the so called VIP account. These are availed for big time investors who plan to invest in big time assets as well. It can be availed by those willing to invest $50,000 or more. The privileges attached to such accounts vary and are designed to allow the best profits available. Most of the benefits of such accounts are personally communicated to the trader by their assigned account manager.    

Banc de Binary results

The need to make money and a lot of it in as short a time as possible is directing several youngsters to binary trading. There are many players in binary trading and of them the clear leaders are Banc de binary. A search on the net throws up innumerable reviews, all positive opinions, that one feels reassured about the authenticity and competence about Banc de binary.

The winning edge

Banc de binary is one of the foremost companies in the financial trading industry.  Their cutting edge technology, guide, customer support, well researched investment advice and secure banking facilities have given them an edge over the other brokerage firms. The company offers its young entrepreneurs reliable predictions and well researched suggestions on binary options to help them strike big with a bigger winning edge. Click here to know more.

Binary options

Owing to the recession that hit the world in the year 2008, a multitude of people lost not only their jobs, but also their lives savings.  The ill effects of this terrible financial downslide are evident till today with so many people being out of work. That’s when Banc de binary provided people and opportunity to make good their losses through binary options.  What is this magical venture called binary option all about? Binary option refers to the opportunity given to investors to predict if the value of commodities or currency or stocks will increase and make a profit by selling their assets at a future date at the rate predicted by them.

Banc de Binary


Banc de binary offers its customers the opportunity to trade in various categories the most popular being the Forex since it offers the maximum amount of mobility and  are traded continuously throughout the day. Trading on currencies is possible any day of the week. Though volatile at times, they offer greater profits than the regular stocks. The most popular of them being the Euro, US dollar, Canadian dollar,  British pound and Japan yen to name a few. The offer trading in commodities like platinum, gold, silver, wheat, sugar, corn, oil, coffee , tea etc. they offer binary trading on blue chip and  Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, IBM, Apple and others. Trading is also offered on indices like NASDAQ, Dow Jones and S&P.  Few companies can equal the wide array of choices of stocks and investment options offered by Banc de binary.

The results

The success rate of the predictions is considered to be an indication of the company’s credibility. Banc de binary, is one of the top most companies that has its fingers on the trade market’s pulse. Their extensive research and constant monitoring of the trends is evident in their winning predictions. Investors are appraised of the all the pros and cons of investing in their chosen stocks. With their predictions rarely, if ever, going wrong, the investors are assured of good profitable results. What’s more along with exceptionally good results, the company offers good payouts to the tune of 72%-75%, which is pretty good and reassuring to the investors. Read more…. http://www.investopedia.com/articles/optioninvestor/10/binary-options.asp

Copy Buffett Software Regulation

 Jeremy Fin put in eighteen years as a product engineer. At that point he got to be occupied with exchanging and needed to discover how he could imitate the best in the business. He decided to concentrate on the methodologies and the outlook of the celebrated venture extremely rich person, Warren Buffet, who takes a latent way to deal with profiting. Copy Buffet programming has been created to act in the very same route as the effective speculator when he is settling on monetary choices. Warren Buffet is a math virtuoso who settles on computed choices to create record measures of benefit from his ventures. Jeremy Fin has been contemplating is speculation techniques nearly. After over six years, with some assistance from his group of programming designers, a fruitful calculation has been made for a paired choices framework that depends on the outlook of Warren Buffet. Copy Buffet programming deals with autopilot and is equipped for putting up to 500 exchanges for each day. It is easy to utilize and can be set for programmed exchanging with the snap of a catch. The Copy Buffet App is accessible for a free 30 day trial. After that, in the event that you need to keep utilizing it for computerized exchanging, you have the chance to band together with Jeremy Fin and his group. After the free trial is over, you can continue utilizing the product and keep 95% of every one of your benefits. A 5% benefit offer will go to the product engineers. The framework works anyplace on the planet, where twofold exchanges are allowed, and the exchanging programming must be synchronized with a controlled representative, so you will have no trouble pulling back benefits from your new agent account.

Copy Buffett Software

When you agree to the Copy Buffet programming, you will be given full access to live talk with the specialized group and live visit with different individuals. Backing is likewise accessible by email and by telephone. There is even a free private discussion where individuals can associate and share exchanging encounters. The enormous point of preference of this exchanging programming is that it has the ability to produce signals for somewhere around 400 and 500 exchanges any twenty-four hour period. This implies higher benefits can be made every day and it is conceivable to twofold or triples the sum in your exchanging account inside of a brief span. The main motivation behind why it is being offered for nothing, for the initial 30 days, is on the grounds that the product group needs to realize that each client is making benefits. They need to make certain that every single new client will think that its tried and true and accomplish great exchanging results. The free trial period permits new brokers to take in more about twofold alternatives and to demonstrate that is conceivable to make huge benefits with robotized exchanging. Read more about this and know more about the above mentioned topic in detail here at………. 

Amissio Formula Regulation


A Very vast and most popular Binary Trading Program that’s made with full featured support and customization to make trading hassle free as it based on a Robotic system or can say a Auto-Pilot System that manages all for the user without giving any work to the user even the trading of shares like as Selling and Putting “On Call” are also done by the Automated System and no interference of user is required. This is said to be the most advanced Binary Trading System till the date.
As this is a very high level software or program that provides a lot of facilities to its users, so it has some rules and regulations in order to maintain its high level of security. They have given feature to user in form of a lot of security option to prove themselves that they are the Authorized user of the account and the account belongs to them. The Security options are lassed with Password Protection, Pin Protection, I.D. Verification along with Verified Phone Number and Verified E-Mail Supported Systems.

Amissio Formula

The User Who has invested in the Stock market and gains profit in the shares in which he/she has invested while trading through Amissio Formula Binary System then he has the full authority to withdraw that money at any instant. As Said, Amissio Formula has a high level security in order be sure that they are transferring the money to the right user so he/she has to pass the security check process so as to get sure as they are the Authorized user of that Amissio Formula account. The Amissio Trading account has a minimum threshold limit which he has to reach surely before a user can withdraw his money which he has gained as profit in shares from trading account to his bank account. The Amissio Binary Trading Formula was introduced on February 18, 2016. The Amissio Formula promises to their investors that it will get about 77% – 98% in the shares in which user has invested through Amissio Formula. The promises made by Amissio Formula can be seen ion it’s official website and more about them can be seen from –
Although a lot of questions arose when it was launched as it was called as fraud and scams and very soon a lot of allegations also arose from the side of investors that they made the initial deposit of $250 for trading after seeing the promises made by Amissio Formula but they said that were cheated as the shares in which they invested went into deep loss and they faced a great depth of loss. They also said that promises made by Amissio Formula were not fulfilled at all, as they invested 7-9 shares each of about $25-$30 but suffered loss in almost all of them. The people were very much disappointed and called this as Scam but on the other hand, in our research we found many people who successfully withdrawn a huge amount from Amissio Formula and were very happy with this Binary Trading System which clearly proves that this system is not a fraud or Scam.